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  • Eastfield Academy 98.8% whole school attendance for the second day running - well done Eastfield! @DRETnews
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  • Eastfield Academy 100% attendance across Year 1, Year 2, Year 5 and Year 6 today - very well done! @DRETnews
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  • Eastfield Academy An alien has landed in year one from the Planet Jolt. He left slime everywhere but did teach us how to make our own…
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School Council

We Listen, We Care.

We like to help people, take responsibility and we take people’s ideas to make the school better. Being a school councillor is a really big responsibility: sorting events out, going to the meetings and sorting peoples worries, but we like helping! That’s why we have a School Council.

Every class in the school has a meeting once a week. Every two weeks we meet up as a School Council to discuss any things that were talked about in the Class Meetings. Pupils are encouraged to make decisions for themselves and for the shool – everyone helped make the school “Behaviour Policy” and we organise lots of events as well as making the timetables for playground football and the “Secret Garden”.

Head Boy: Andrew Bayley

Head Girl: Jadia Mohamed Ahamed

Head Prefect: Aaliyah Fearon