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Our Mission Statement:

At Eastfield Academy  we believe in ‘Broadening Horizons’ for all of our pupils through providing a rich and varied curriculum that supports them to be ready for the next stage in their education and to become well rounded and productive members of society.


Our curriculum is underpinned by our shared values and ethos. We encourage all members of the school community to:

Believe with all your heart

Achieve with all your might

Succeed beyond your wildest dreams

Teaching and learning across the Trust and academy is underpinned by the shared values of:






These values are prominently displayed around the school and provide a shared common vocabulary of success for our school community.


At Eastfield Academy we provide a safe and secure environment where all pupils feel valued and respected as individuals and ready to learn.

We use the structure and objectives from the National Curriculum 2014 as our starting point. The next step is to identify real life learning opportunities that make the most effective use of the history, culture and diverse landscape that Northampton has to offer. Staff listen to pupils’ interests and whenever possible adopt a child-led approach to planning.

The School Council hold termly Pupil Discussion Panels to consult their peers, gathering evidence of the pupils’ views and insights about teaching and learning at our academy. This gives our pupils a voice in the planning process.

We believe that our curriculum should be rich, varied and engaging as well as delivering the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to become successful and contributing members of society with the resilience to cope with every day challenges. To support this we provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, visits and visitors whilst also offering a substantial enrichment programme.