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Life With Us

Eastfield is a fun and exciting place to be.

We have high expectations of all our pupils and always try to maintain a friendly and welcoming environment. We treat each other with respect and kindness.


The staff include:

Principal- Mrs Clair Mills



Nursery – Miss Natasha Willmott

Reception – Mrs Mahduri Gadhia

Year 1 – Mrs Amy Ford

Year 2 – Mrs Helen Wizard

Year 3 – Mrs Sarah Russell

Year 4 – Mrs Sarah Jelley

Year 5 – Mr Shane Crick

Year 6 – Mr Gareth Thomas, Keleigh Clarke




Additional Staff include:

Family and Pastoral Team

Mr Ben Malia – Senior Family Support Worker 

Mrs Gail Brown – Pastoral Assistant

Mrs Sarah Russell - SENCO


Admin Team:

Mrs Hannah Owen – Regional Operations Manager

Mrs Simone Gray – Senior Admin Assistant

Mrs Judy Tomkins – Admin Assistant and Attendance Officer


Kelly Dunkley - TA

Georgina Jones - TA

Debbie Kerns - TA

Emmie Knight - TA

Shelley Randle - TA & Play Leader 

Paula Sheppard-Burrows - TA 

Dawn Smith - TA

Sadie Stanfield - HLTA

Natalie Gardiner – TA

Cheryl Watson - EYFS TA

Lucy Bruton - EYFS TA

Catherine Harmsworth - EYFS TA

Heidi Allen - SEND TA

Benjamin Harris - TA