The policies that set out how our academy will work are regularly reviewed. Some of them are available to view at the left. We also work according to the policies set by the David Ross Education Trust.

School Rules and Discipline Procedures

These are the rules of appropriate behaviour that we at Eastfield Academy hope to encourage.  They were written with the help of the children and are reinforced through regular, positive discussion.

  • Treat others as you would like them to treat you. 
  • Respect their feelings:  be friendly, polite and considerate.
  • Take care with your work and pride in your achievements.
  • Take care of and respect all property, and look after the school environment.

We have in place a positive behaviour system.  Our aim is to encourage self-discipline with consideration and respect for all people and property.  Each pupil is given a ‘credit’ card and each teacher has an individual ‘credit’ stamp.  Pupils can earn ‘credits’ for good or improved work, trying hard and any positive behaviour.  Every 10 credits collected earns house points. Other ways to win house points include winning ‘pupil of the week’ and celebrating achievements from out of school.

When behavioural problems arise, parents are invited to theschool to discuss specific difficulties and work out a joint programme of action.

Our academy accessibility plan is available on request. To view our complaints procedure policy please click here.