Health Week is a hit with Eastfield pupils

Staff and pupils at Eastfield Academy took part in a ‘Health Week’ to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

As part of the events, the children tried lots of different activities including yoga, tai chi, bike riding, archery and fencing.

Zeki, a Year 6 pupil, said: “This week has been amazing. We’ve done lots of activities like making a healthy breakfast and going on a bike ride.”

Phoebe, Year 1, added: “I loved the archery and trying to shoot the arrows at the target!" 

Pupils learnt about the health benefits of different food groups and made exotic smoothies and a Chinese stir-fry.

Year 5 even tried a healthy alternative to pizza, a Polish creation called ‘zapiekanki.’

Miss Lowery, Associate Headteacher, said: “At Eastfield we understand the importance of ensuring children adopt a healthy lifestyle so that is why we have put on this special themed week. The more we can get children to understand their lifestyle choices at a young age, the more likely they are to adopt good habits in adulthood.

“We have had a fantastic week. All the activities have been fun and memorable and I hope the children will take the ideas on board at home.”