Playleader/Teaching assistant for lunch and afterschool club leader


Job Description

Job Title:


Playleader/Teaching assistant for lunch and afterschool club leader



Eastfield  Academy,  Northampton

Role Summary:


·         To organise appropriate range of leisure activities for children between the ages of 4 -11 over the lunchtime period

·         To provide a caring, secure environment, through individual attention and group activities


The David Ross Education Trust (DRET) is a growing network of academies with a geographical focus on Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire/ Humber region.  The network is a mix of primary, secondary and special academies and a mix of those that have chosen to join DRET on conversion and those that are sponsored academies.


Reporting To:


Assistant Head Teacher


NJC point 10



Mon – Fri 12 – 6pm


Key Responsibilities



The successful applicant will be required to supervise, organise and participate in activities with the children at both lunchtimes and during the schools extended provision. There will also be additional hours during school time to provide some classroom support.

Role will cover

1.       Act as playleader from 12 – 1.30pm, providing activities and games for children during lunch break. Setting up and clearing away from lunch will also be required.

2.       To provide classroom support from 1.30 – 3pm

3.       To run Eastfield Academies extended school provision from 3.30pm to 6pm



Key Duties and Responsibilities


1.       To lead or supervise safe, creative and appropriate play opportunities for a range of age groups

2.       To ensure playworkers have adequate support for preparing activities, organising programmes/ themes and arranging equipment;

3.       To ensure that all activities are inclusive for all children to take part in;


Supervision and care of children

1.       Ensure that activities are carried out in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage, and other guidance, e.g. Health and Safety

2.       Where food is provided, to ensure that it is balanced and healthy in accordance with recommended dietary requirements, and that food preparation/ handling is carried out within the guidelines of the Food Safety Act 1990;

3.       Ensure that risk assessments are completed prior to commencing activities with children;

4.       To actively promote and support the safeguarding of children and young people in the workplace, ensuring that all staff and volunteers observe Setting policies and procedures to keep children safe from harm.


Direct Playwork

1.       Ensure that a wide range of creative and enjoyable activities are offered;

2.       Manage the planning of a wide range of creative and enjoyable activities, in conjunction with team members, and consultation with the children;

3.       To fully support inclusive practice, and ensure that all children can be involved in the activities offered if they wish;



1.       To promote the aims and objectives of the school, and use as a guide for daily activities;

2.       Be aware of Staff Policies and Practices;

3.       To ensure the Setting has a high standard of physical and emotional care;

4.       To ensure good standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times;

5.       To be responsible for the Health and Safety standards appropriate for the needs of the children;

6.       To assist with the preparation and maintenance of materials, equipment;

7.       Recording accidents in the accident book;

8.       To ensure the Setting of a high quality environment to meet the needs of individual children from differing cultures and religious backgrounds, and stages of development;

9.       To ensure confidentially of information received;

10.   To be aware of the high profile of the club and to uphold its standards at all times;

11.   To undertake such other duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature as may be determined from time to time by the Manager

12.   To undertake continuous professional development, including short courses and qualifications relevant to playwork;

13.   To promote the aims and objectives of the Setting;

14.   To understand and adhere to Setting policies, procedures and standards at all times;

15.   To ensure the Setting offers the highest standards of physical and emotional care, health and safety, and food hygiene at all times;

16.   To assist with the preparation and maintenance of materials and equipment;

17.   Recording accidents in the accident book;

18.   To ensure the Setting offers a high quality, inclusive environment which meets the needs of all children, regardless of culture, religion, and physical or emotional development;

19.   To ensure confidentially within the Setting at all times;




Person Specification




Skills, aptitude, knowledge and experience

·         Previous experience of caring for, or working with children aged 4-14 in a voluntary or paid capacity

·         Knowledge of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage

·         A commitment to the provision of high quality childcare

·         A positive approach to learning and gaining new skills through teamwork and training opportunities

·         Good written and verbal skills for report writing, maintaining child records and providing feedback to parents/carers and colleagues



·         Interest in the care, learning and development of young children


Personal qualities

·         Good organisational, record keeping and planning skills

·         Punctuality

·         Excellent communication skills, with children and collegues

·         Patience

·         Reliability and trustworthiness

·         A positive approach to inclusive practice, with children and colleagues

·         Enthusiasm for working with young children



·         Flexibility

·         Able to work in small teams




·         Completion of a full and relevant early years and childcare or Playwork qualification at Level 2 or similar

·         A positive approach to gaining further qualifications

·         Some understanding of the importance of Health & Safety and Food Hygiene in the workplace



·         Completion of a recognised Level 4 Playwork qualification, or be working towards completion

·         Health & Safety certificate

·         Paediatric First Aid certificate

·         Completion of other relevant courses