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Eastfield Academy

Eastfield Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust and is a good and rapidly improving school where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


Our Academy Values underpin everything we do in school.

As part of the Eastfield Academy Family all members of the school community should demonstrate they understand and adhere to the shared values:

Ambition, Aspiration, Respect, Courage

Our Classes

The school is divided into three main phases, each phase playing an important part in the learning journey from 2 to 11 years.

The school works to ensure that the transition between each phase means an uninterrupted education for a child and, as a result, maintains his/her progress.

At Eastfield Primary Academy, we have the highest expectations for all of our children to achieve personal goals exceptional academic outcomes.  Underpinned by a culture of community, built upon positive relationships. Included in this our Trust values of Courage, AspireAmbition and Respect, together our staff and children strive to ensure that we follow our school HEART values: Harmoniously Everyone Achieving Results Together.

We strongly believe that all learning time in schools is crucial, as a result we ensure that all learning is highly effective and efficient.  Our inspiring teachers, who are experts in their fields, communicate their passion for subjects through their teaching of a coherent and cumulatively structured knowledge-rich curriculum, which meets the needs of individual learners’ talents and builds the foundation for their future.  Within lessons, which are explicitly taught and modelled; retrieve and build upon prior learning; are structured, scaffolded and carefully adapted to maximise the learning opportunities; resources are utilised effectively and provide timely feedback to ensure the that every child achieves their very best in every lesson.

The welcoming and purposeful school environment reflects the high expectations we have through for our children through the visible learning evidenced on continuously updated working walls, which demonstrate how knowledge builds over time; the vocabulary rich classrooms and our displays and shared spaces. Furthermore, all classes are equipped with the latest technology, which are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum.

Children are grouped in mixed ability classes under the responsibility of a class teacher who will teach the children for most, if not all, of their lessons. Your child will mostly be taught by their class teacher.  Our support staff teach phonics to pupils and support groups/individuals within class as needed. 

Class Teacher Support Staff
Nursery Mrs Roberts (EYFS lead) Miss Watson
Reception Mrs Moore (Assistant Principal)

Mrs Hollin

Mrs Sheppard-Burrows

Mrs Jones

Year 1 Mrs Elliott

Miss Randle
Mrs Jones

Miss Stainfield

Year 2 Miss Geller Miss Destiny
Year 3 Mrs Ford, Mrs S Brown

Miss Smith

Mrs Dunkley

Year  4 Miss Knight Mrs Cockerill

Year 5 Miss Zaman

Mrs Dunkley

Miss Smith

Year 6 Miss Hall, Mrs S Brown Miss Dunkley 
Willow Room Mrs Russell (Assistant Principal and SENDCO) Miss Destiny
Our Sports Coach: Miss Fensome
Across the school support: Mrs Gardiner


Eastfield's Nursery opened in 1996 and offers care and education for children from 2 years of age to children who are due to start Reception the following September. Our provision has a wonderful space which allows the children to explore the seven areas of learning and development. The children have access to an outdoor space which allows them to explore and develop their curiosity.

At Eastfield Academy we view our Nursery provision as a vital foundation for a lifelong journey of learning. Preparing children for Reception and beyond and giving the knowledge and skills to thrive with their transition to full time education. We value the importance of the learning process from when the children join us, to the point that they move into Year 1 as confident, independent, well rounded individuals, already having a love of learning and a thirst for new knowledge. Here at Eastfield we we are proud of our Early Years environment - one that promotes curiosity, awe and wonder. Daily, we give our children the opportunity to explore, create, investigate and problem solve.

Being ready to learn is a key theme throughout our routines, expectations and what we teach and support the children to learn.  Therefore the children are encouraged to come in independently putting their belongings away and joining our group circle for register and to discuss our learning and ideas for the day.

Sessions begin with working on our physical bodies and our learning brains developing our gross motor skills through playground games, rhymes and how to take turns and be part of our nursery family.

We then use our active brains for the teaching input for all the children.  This could be lined to any area of the Early Years Curriculum but regularly involves a big write, telling and acting stories, Early Phonic games, maths concepts, or knowledge of their world which engage all of the children and building concepts, knowledge and skills.

Our nursery follows a curriculum which has been created and developed by experts, which helps prepare them for their next stage of schooling. In addition, we value the children's interests and motivations and plan for these through Possible Lines of Development (PLOD) planning. This is embedded in our approach to securing a richness and breadth of experiences for learning and development and the skills of life long learning. This approach, as part of our offer, is embedded in the overarching principals of the EYFS. The unique child, positive relationships and our enabling environment for learning and development. .

The children then explore their own learning in our continuous provision (inside and outside) which consolidates taught aspects, builds skills and knowledge and sets open ended challenges.  Our nurseries have clear areas for different sets resources which the children access and follow expectations with growing independence.  Areas include free painting, dough area, loose parts section, a maths, message centre and shop area and a construction areas to name a few.  Our highly dedicated and qualified staff are experts at interacting with the children to develop their ideas and learning from the children’s own interests and motivations.  They ask questions to provoke new thinking and ideas.  Staff observe and record the children’s learning and the impact of their interventions and these are recorded on Tapestry an interactive learning journal.

 Snack time is also a learning opportunity - encouraging children to talk, share routines, make and share conversations and to discuss learning and next steps. Throughout the day high quality texts are shared to engross children in reading.

Eastfield Primary Academy's above curriculum is underpinned by the below research carried out by the Education Endowment Foundation. The recommended focus on: 


  • importance of high quality interactions between adults and children to develop their communication and language skills
  • using a range of different activities– like singing, storytelling and nursery rhymes – to develop children’s early reading and ability to hear and manipulate sounds.



                Mrs Roberts                                   Miss Watson

Nursery sessions:

Our morning session runs from 8.40am- 11.40am and our afternoon session runs from 12.15pm-3.15pm. A full day is from 8.40am until 3.15pm.


Click here to apply:  Are you eligible for a funded nursery place?


Non-Funded Places:

If you are not entitled to a free place, then we offer funded and paying spaces. The fees are:

Morning Session  £20
Afternoon Session  £20
Full Day  £41
Lunch Club £4

If you would like to find out more or visit our nursery, please contact us on 01604 405042.  If you would like to apply for a nursery place, please download and complete the form below then bring in to the school office.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or assistance - we look forward to hearing from you.

Nursery Booking form

Nursery Terms and Conditions


Term 3 learning



Term 4 learning


 Term 5 learning







                 Mrs Moore                                                     Mrs Hollin                                                            Mrs Sheppard-Burrows

Term 3 learning



Term 4 learning



Term 5 learning





 Year 1


                    Mrs Elliott

Term 3 learning



Term 4 learning



 Term 5 learning






 Year 2


               Miss Geller                                        Mrs Jones

 Term 3 learning



Term 4 learning



Term 5 learning






 Year 3

               Mrs Ford                                                       Miss Smith

Term 3 learning



Term 4 learning



Term 5 learning




 Year 4

              Miss Knight                                     Mrs Dunkley

Term 3 learning



Term 4 learning



Term 5 learning





 Year 5

             Miss Zaman                                                   Miss Smith

Term 3 learning



Term 4 learning 



Term 5 learning





 Year 6

            Miss Hall                                          Mrs Dunkley

Term 3 Learning



Term 4 learning



Term 5 learning